Fixed Matches

Risks In Betting On RugbyA major blow to both the gamblers and betting sites has been the cropping in of fixed matches. Initially thought to be a small problem only affecting football, the robust gambling culture that has come up has resulted in a few people going in to make a lot of money through illegal ways. Some gamblers access this fixed matches and make vast sums of money while some who bet on this games blindly end up losing significant amounts of money on sure bets.


Irrespective of how well adapted to different weather conditions players are, adverse weather changes may alter the progress of a game. The performance of a team may be affected by, for example, an unexpected storm or freezing conditions for those from tropical countries. These factors may impact on the results of a rugby game to an extent that gamblers lose a lot of money. A wise player will always double-check on the expected weather conditions and base partly on it in placing their bet.


A team may be stronger than the opponents but being in a bad physical form in that particular match may prove a major risk for those with their money staked on the game. It is often a surprise to the fans and gamblers when a team expected to win by a large margin is beaten hands down by an underdog team. This form is one of the often unpredictable determinants that may mean millions of money of gamblers cash disappearing to betting site and the high-risk gamblers staking on underdogs.

Regional Differences

It may be a player’s favourite team, but that doesn’t mean that they put their money on it. Regions vary in the potential to offer lucrative games. The high competition areas may be a good place for high-risk takers, but it is unsafe for those who are low-risks takers. The regions with less competition offer fertile grounds for low-risk takers.