Betting Options On Rugby GamesWith virtually every type of game available for betting purposes, rugby is not left out. The intense competition and predictability of the games have made it a favourite for gamblers. Here are the most popular betting options on rugby.

Match Odds

Like any other match, the most betted option is that of a home win, draw or away win. It is a simple option that does not involve a lot of thinking and in fact, those not well versed in the game can guess easily. This option has been made famous by the growing numbers of people gambling their way to riches.


Another favourite option is where a team is handicapped say by 15 points and will be considered to have won when they win by more than 16 points only. It is common where a team has a home ground advantage or is way stronger than the team it is playing against in the match. This option offers an advantage over match odds by having higher odds.

Winning Margin

Higher odds are offered through this more specific option. Here a user predicts by how many points a winning team will beat the losing team. The player then places a bet and waits for the results to determine whether they walk away with some real cash or lose their money. This option is popular in rugby because of the great winning opportunities it offers.

First Scoring Player

Another option for those who have some knowledge about the game is that of the first scoring player. Some betting sites offer it as the first team to score, but those offering it as the first scoring player have higher odds and earn more money for the gambler.

Other Options

Besides the popular options, there is a place for more than 33 different types of bets in a single game. These options range from variations in the handicap, halftime win, double result and many other options available on gambling sites. Choosing the type of bet to place is a determinant of the possibilities of winning.