Rugby As A GameThere have inevitably been a lot of changes in rugby to make it suitable for various groups of people and events. The most known forms of the game include the following:

  • Rugby League

It is a common form of rugby that is enjoyed worldwide. This type of rugby involves teams with thirteen players each side. Despite being started by English clubs breaking away from the Rugby Union in 1895, the games have increasingly become popular and diverse. Among this form, the popular games are:

  • Mini Footy
  • Masters Rugby League
  • Mod League
  • Rugby League Nine
  • Rugby League Sevens
  • Tag Rugby
  • Wheelchair Rugby
  • Touch Football

With over 5000 clubs, the original split clubs from RFU due to player payments and professionalism is nothing compared to the vastness of this game today.

Rugby Union

This form is the initial contact game with fifteen players aside and what the Rugby Football Union embraced before and after the split that led to the formation of Rugby League. The game has a huge following, all over the world, and there are several games in this group:

  • American Flag Rugby
  • Rugby sevens with seven players aside
  • Snow rugby
  • Mini rugby
  • Touch rugby
  • Rugby Tens
  • Tag rugby

Beach Rugby

This form of rugby popular in Europe bases on the codes of rugby football, league or lion. It is not as strictly controlled because of its association with leisure.

Aims Of The Game

Playing of rugby is somehow similar to football but with several differences. The aim of the two teams is to score more points than the other through running with the ball and scoring. The scoring involves placing a try where a ball is touched down on the opponent’s goal area. This try earns five points. After a try, there is a conversion which makes additional two points when the ball is kicked through the goalposts. A goal kick is three points.