Rugby Competition LevelsRugby has grown to become one of the best games with players from virtually every place in the world. The thrill of the game comes through the several levels of competitions that cultivate not only the growth of the game but also offer an organized awarding system. The best teams progress from one level to another towards the top. Here are the progressive levels of the competitions.

National Competitions

Organized by the respective bodies of the Rugby Union, these games bring together the teams in individual nations between different clubs. The winners from the competitions are awarded and also may have several of their players recruited to the national teams. This clubs also play in competitions outside the nation in international games.

Regional Competitions

An interesting feature about rugby is the tremendous success in the regional competitions that are periodic. These are teams from countries within a geographical area or the clubs that have won the various championships nationally. The regional competitions may be under the sponsorship of companies or run by the regional organization of governments.

Continental Competitions

Although not common because of the organization of the rugby tournaments, the national teams can compete within a continent to produce the best. These championships have however been shadowed by the successful regional competitions held periodically.

Top Championships

After succeeding in the lower levels, clubs or teams that make it to theteams meet to battle it out at international levels. These championships include the world cup held in four years for both men and women teams, and other competitions.


Currently, the rugby tournaments and games are governed by the Rugby Union that facilitates the competitions. They oversee the implementation of rules in every game and the determination of penalties for misconduct. From the referee supported by two judges, to the management of the championships, the body ensures that every game is fair and is played in the confines of the rules.