Rugby World Cup

Rugby World CupThe world cup is the highest tournament for men teams and is held every four years; the world cup is always a spectacle to look forward to for rugby fans. It comprises of twelve teams that were the top in the previous world cup and eight national teams from the regional competitions. There is also the Women’s Rugby World Cup that was started in the recent years to accommodate the ladies playing the game.

Six Nations Championships

Competition among several European countries exists to establish the greatest clubs. The countries that take part include Scotland, New Zealand, England, Ireland, France and Wales. These games are annual. The Women’s Six Nations Championship is for the ladies in this region.

Rugby Championships

Involving Argentina, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand, this championship has been popular in the recent past with a huge audience. The event is held annually and attracts millions of rugby lovers.

European Nations Cup

A wider part of Europe is covered by this famous championship that brings together the best teams from 36 nations to battle it out on the pitches. The event has seen stiff competition due to the robust growth of clubs participating in it.

Other International Championships

There are several other big tournaments, for instance, the Churchill Cup, FIRA Women’s European Championships, Pacific Nations Cup, Asian Nations Cup and others that bring about excitement when their season comes. These events are mostly held annually with at times a rotational basis of hosting the games, given the availability of infrastructure to accommodate it.


Despite the variety of games played and the differences in competitions, there is a standard ranking of all national teams worldwide. One may wonder how they come about with that, but the secret lies in calculations that standardize every team’s performance and compares it to the other teams. The key components of this ranking are the match result, game status, home advantage and opposition strength. Using this system, the top three teams as of 11th August 2016 are New Zealand, England, and South Africa.